About Me


Nicole Kolesar, AWAI Trained Copywriter

Everything that’s happened in my life has been about learning and growing. Taking the failures and the successes and transforming them into steps forward. 25 years ago when I was rebellious and self destructive I knew I had two choices: continue on the downward spiral I was on or change. Well that’s easier said than done. It took a long time to do but eventually (after some loving but firm encouragement from my late grandmother) I graduated high school, went to college, and started my family soon after that. My life in marketing started with telling stories. Mostly sharing my experiences with others to help encourage people but I quickly realized when I was studying marketing in college, that our storytelling is our marketing. Everyone has a story to tell. Not all stories are gonna be like my story or your story but it’s worth telling. And when I became a personal trainer and started working with my first client, then my second, then my tenth...listening to their stories, they’re all unique. No two clients are the same, and no two companies are the same. I have devoted the last 15 years of my life listening, learning, sharing and growing. I want to help you in the very same way. Sharing the story of your growth one project at a time.


“She truly loves what she does!”

Her passion is something that makes her a joy to work with. It motivates you to want to do better. - Barbara F., South Russell, Ohio


“I didn’t know what to expect!”

She made me feel at ease almost immediately because I could tell that she was genuine, not just about the job. She was a partner with me.-Edward P., Elyria, Ohio